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For vim I make an extra map so I can use the same key sequence for vi and vim and besides I have trouble remembering the default one for vim: map p gqap. 12/10/2020 · From within vim, first set the text width setting so that vim knows how to format the selected text: :set textwidth=80 Selecting the text can be done a number The J (or shift-j) command will join [count] lines (default 2) starting at the cursor line, regardless of the cursor position. To do the opposite, you have to tell Vim where the line breaks must come. - If you just joined some lines, then change your mind, you can use u (undo). Sometime last year I started doing most text editing in Vim. I was recently copying text from multiple Google Docs documents into Vim and I wanted to make the text friendly to work with in Vim. This means that I wanted to separate paragraphs with a space, remove leading indentation from paragraphs, and insert newlines to separate long lines (I like my lines 80 characters wide). 2019-09-20 For example, gqq wraps the current When editing a text file, if you want word wrapping, but only want line breaks inserted when you explicitly press the Enter key: :set wrap :set linebreak " :set nolist In vim versions prior to 7.4.353 list disabled linebreak This will get Vim to wrap existing text as desired. wrap tells Vim to word wrap visually (as opposed to changing the text in the buffer When using Vim as your editor of choice, even for email processing - as I do - it is often unpleasing how some email clients quote the email body produced by mailers such as Outlook.

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The following sets a wrap margin of 2 characters from the right window border. A system-dependent EOL character is inserted and the line wraps as you type. This option may be useful in some situations, but probably is not what you are looking for. :set wm=2 Se hela listan på vim.fandom.com Format (i.e., gqq) a block of lines above/below the current line - vim-scripts/FormatBlock To Reproduce Paste the following text into a buffer: *foo* bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar Press gqq and see the following (notice the leading asterisk on th gq is actually one of my favorite Vim features - it autoformats blocks of text, including comments, to be at most 80 characters long. (I think it may be a setting?) I actually started to forget about it since few Vim emulations do it correctly. Describe the bug Formatting with gqq doesn't work while recording a macro.

This is usually seen as a Good Thing About Vim. In my head, though, it’s a failing of discoverability: I keep discovering new things because Vim makes it so hard to know what’s available. While people often talk about the beauty of modal editing or text objects, I don’t think that gets at the essence of Vim. VIM-Adventures level 1 playthrough.

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gqq, gq : reformate la ligne gqap : reformate le paragraphe Aller directement aux déclarations des fonctions dans le code source ! Ajouter la ligne suivante dans votre ~/.vimrc set tags=tags;/ Dans le Makefile, ajouter ctags -R * pour reconstruire les tags à chaque nouvelle compilation par exemple Dans VIM, utiliser CTRL+] pour sauter à un tag CTRL+T pour retourner en arrière 5 Oct 2016 I make pretty good use of vim features, but I like to mix some sloppiness with the precision.

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Gqq vim

#vimmasterrace The #VIM way: gqq. h, j, k, l - Moving around in a file can't be more convenient than this. While h and l moves the cursor one position to left or right, respectively, j and k moves the  这个改变的原因是"Q" 是个标准Vi 的命令,用以进入"Ex" 模式,而事实上,Vim 现在有了"Ex" 模式(详情见|Q|) Also made "gqq" work to be consistent with "guu".

Vim shortcuts. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
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Gqq vim

> And here's another paragraph you wrote; going to leave that one flowing > as it is for the sake of the example (although I prefer mail 1 " Tests for the various 'formatoptions' settings 2 3 source check. vim 4 5 func Test_text_format 6 enew!

a different terminal size can lead to a different result. Perhaps this should be mentioned in the help pages or formatting should be independent of the number of screen columns? ) u ^R ~ ^L ^G m @ q r R a A i I o O & s S ZZ * : wasavi supports following ex commands: * abbreviate cd chdir copy delete edit file filesystem global join k map mark marks move options print put pwd quit read redo s & ~ set registers to unabbreviate undo unmap version v write wq xit yank > < @ * In addition, wasavi ported some functions from vim such as incremental-searching, multi level undo Re: vim: format each long lines and insert just one break afterward On 05/20/2013 01:03 PM, Gary Johnson wrote: > The action of the first exec is to expand and execute its arguments, On 2013-05-19, ping wrote: > On 5/18/2013 11:13 PM, Tim Chase wrote: > >On 2013-05-18 20:22, ping wrote: > >>1) :'<,'>g/.*/exec "normal!
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Also setting textwidth (tw) will give you auto line break when exceeded during typing. In Vim, you may want to format long lines, that is, wrap long lines so the longest is, say, 80 characters. The standard approach is to set the local 'textwidth' option, then use gq to format the wanted lines.